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About Us

INSCAF is your multi-speciality
partner for undertaking complex
multi-dimensional projects.

INSCAF is a 100% Omani owned, ICV local company undertaking projects in multiple countries.

We are certified and registered by ICV, ISO, Riyada, Opal, JSRS and OQ8 Tawreed portal and is updated with all the legal licenses and compliances.

We are committed to servicing the clients in the market with the highest quality and HSE oriented services in the field of Civil, Mechanical, E&I, Scaffolding, Surface Protection, Fireproofing, Refractory and Insulation along with every industry relevant services.

Why we are the right fit for you?

Our exceptional growth is based on the unremitting and persistent upgradation of our techniques and personnel.

Improve Cost Certainity

INSCAF helps in reducing the uncertainty associated with the costs of operations through better cost forecasting, improving budgeting and financial planning and streamlining procurement processes.

Increases Asset Availability

INSCAF ensures high asset availability by ensuring all equipment are functioning properly and is readily available for use.

Free Core Resources

Free up your core resources thereby increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improve overall business performance.

Reduce Complexity

INSCAF helps to eliminate unnecessary steps or elements, streamline processes, consolidate systems, or reorganize the existing structures.


INSCAF is committed to Omanisation, which involves increasing the number of Omani citizens in the workforce.

INSCAF cooperates with the government's efforts to create job opportunities for its citizens, as well as to build a more sustainable and self-sufficient economy.


We are committed to training and developing Omani citizens to pursue a career in oil and gas industry.

INSCAF offers training and development opportunities to Omani citizens, as well as actively recruits Omanis to fill vacancies within the company. This has not only helped to increase the number of Omani citizens in the workforce, but has also resulted in the development of a highly skilled and competent local workforce.


We make a dedicated effort to boost the local economy of The Sultanate Of Oman.

ICV initiative is aimed at promoting the use of locally sourced goods and services in the oil and gas sector, thereby supporting the development of the Omani economy.

Overview of the Company

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Our Services



Electrical & Instrumentation

Access Solutions

Surface Protection



Insulation Works

Project Management

Preservation & Commissioning

Inspection Services

Temporary Warehousing Facilities

Manpower & Skilled Trade

Our qualified Mechanical department is responsible for designing the equipment and machinery that are used by technicians and engineers for their day to day activities.

Our Civil Engineering department organize and supervise the workforce, plant, and materials, ensuring that the project is completed according to the design, plan, budget and schedule.

Our E & I team works on manufacturing processes according to global engineering codes & standards while also ensuring that installations align with customer needs and expectations.

INSCAF is capable of delivering innovative structural access and repair solutions.

Our specialized teams apply coatings and linings to protect against chemical exposure and harsh environments, as well as perform regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the ongoing integrity of the surface protection.

Services include applying fire-resistant coatings and insulation to equipment and structures, as well as providing consulting and technical support to other teams to help them design fire-safe equipment and infrastructure. 

Our Refractory services ensure the protection of the interior lining of equipment and infrastructure from high temperatures, chemical exposure, and other forms of wear and tear.

We provide Insulation services such as installation and maintenance of insulation on pipelines, tanks, and other equipment to prevent heat loss and improve energy efficiency.

INSCAF is capable of planning, organizing, and managing resources (human, financial, and technical) to successfully complete a specific project or set of projects for the client.

INSCAF is capable of extending and maintaining clients assets in terms of preservations for piping, rotary equipment, storage facilities & static equipment’s along with all required commissioning supports.

Our inspection and maintenance procedures will minimize downtime and prolong the lifespan of equipment and infrastructure.

INSCAF can help build structures and spaces that are used to store equipment, materials, and supplies during the construction, maintenance, or decommissioning phase of a project.

We provide skilled workers to fill temporary, seasonal, or permanent positions within the client company. This may include recruiting, hiring, and training workers to meet the specific needs of the client company.

INSCAF is 100% Omani owned ICV ISO certified company, capable of offering multi engineering and construction solutions by adopting the latest and high level technical practices available in the market.

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