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Fireproofing services help to protect equipment and infrastructure from the risk of fire, which can cause significant damage and loss of production.

Services include applying fire-resistant coatings and insulation to equipment and structures, as well as providing consulting and technical support to other teams to help them design fire-safe equipment and infrastructure. 


INSCAF’s solutions for protection against fire, explosion and blast in the industry are built on years of experience from projects around the world. We regularly conduct inspections and maintenance to ensure the ongoing integrity of the fireproofing and perform fire risk assessments and fire safety audits to identify and mitigate potential fire hazards. We cater to. 

• Cementitious fireproofing
• Intumescent fireproofing

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INSCAF is 100% Omani owned ICV ISO certified company, capable of offering multi engineering and construction solutions by adopting the latest and high level technical practices available in the market.

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